Resources for Trainers

Be a star!

…or at least a great webinar facilitator 🙂

Kami Griffiths and Chris Peters have written an excellent, comprehensive article about the ins and outs of putting together a webinar. Check out their article! With 10 tips, a handy chart, and good advice based on experience, this article will help you know where to start if you’re new to putting together webinars. If you’re an experienced webinar producer, I guarantee you’ll find some new ideas, too.

Active Learning

From the screen to the brain

Jean Montgomery, with the Upper Peninsula Region of Library Cooperation (MI), shared a new website with me, created by the Michigan Coop directors to disseminate information about library training opportunities in the state. As I was looking at the first two training announcements, I noticed they both are virtual (or potentially virtual). It got me thinking about training in an online environment.

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