Resources for Trainers

Be a star!

…or at least a great webinar facilitator 🙂

Kami Griffiths and Chris Peters have written an excellent, comprehensive article about the ins and outs of putting together a webinar. Check out their article! With 10 tips, a handy chart, and good advice based on experience, this article will help you know where to start if you’re new to putting together webinars. If you’re an experienced webinar producer, I guarantee you’ll find some new ideas, too.


The power of pictures

Take a dip into the libraries and librarians pool
Take a dip into the libraries and librarians pool

There’s a TechSoup online think-tank happening right now. The topic: “How can non-profits use Flickr?” Check out the socialmedia4change site for examples and watch the TechSoup site as that conversation develops, too.

I’m really intrigued by the potential images represent as a communication tool. PowerPoint has ruled the training and presentation world for years now, but even there, I think we’re seeing a move from “text-y” slides to slides that contain an image… something visually interesting… something that engages the brain rather than turns it off as a bulleted text list seems to do.

Do you use images in your training? Do you use Flickr for training purposes? I’m going to be hunting for examples of trainers doing exactly that and I’ll include them here, too.