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Communities of Practice

One of the topics we’re exploring at work this year is “Communities of Practice”. My co-worker has been doing a lot of research and reading in the area and I’ll be excited to think about this more and to put some ideas into play.

I have specifically been thinking about Communities of Practice as they relate to training. Found an interesting article in Training Magazine: “Communities of Practice: Learning is social. Training is irrelevant”.

Reading this article is a bit hard for someone who has devoted a great deal of time and energy to the preparation of training materials and the delivery of training classes. I don’t think that I’m ready to just give up on training. I think there are ways, however, that we could incorporate more of the communities of practice elements into training sessions.

I find that if I’m doing an all-day workshop and provide time for participant discussion and participant brainstorming, that time is often the portion of the day that people find really useful and engaging.

What are other ways to incorporate elements of a community of practice into training?