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Writing a book!

“On behalf of Information Today, Inc. I am extremely pleased to offer you a publishing agreement…”

I received some exciting news! I’m going to be publishing a book with Information Today! I’m giddy, I’m nervous, and  I have soooo many ideas spinning around in my brain. It’s overwhelming and thrilling to think about the challenge of getting them from that spinning chaos to the page. I want it to be useful. I want it to be good.

The manuscript is due next summer and I’m sure I’ll blog about it a lot before then.  One of the chapters will be on technology training and I am asking the readers of this blog to please help provide me with examples and ideas.

How do you determine user needs related to technology training? Have you used surveys, focus groups, interviews, other… ? If you have done work in that area, I would love to interview you and highlight your examples in the book. Please email me or leave a comment here.


Technology Training Survey for Forthcoming Book

Would you like to see your own training tips and insights printed in a book? If you do technology training in your library, please spend a few minutes completing a quick survey. Your responses may be used in an upcoming book, The Accidental Library Technology Trainer, to be published by Information Today.You don’t need to answer every question, but I’d love to share your experiences with other trainers. Just go to: Thanks so much!Stephanie Gerding