Patron Training

LibraryYOU – training is an essential component

LibraryYOU is a project by the Escondido Public Libraryin California. It’s all about collecting and sharing local knowledge with videos and podcasts.

I had the opportunity to interview Donna Feddern from Escondido Public about the project. Our chat is about 30 minutes long and the recording is available here:

Donna has been tracking the progress of the project at, creating an invaluable record for librarians who are considering similar projects. Also, here’s more information about the Skokie Public Library Digital Media Lab (to which Donna refers).

One of my favorite things about this project is that it’s clearly not just about the podcasts and the videos. It’s about training the public to be able to make those videos and podcasts. It’s an exciting role for libraries and I look forward to seeing more projects like LibraryYOU in the future.

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