Week Two: Online Communities

This is my post for the second week in our 23 Things Kansas project.

  • What Online Community did you choose? What do you like most about it?
    I will talk about Facebook, since it’s the online community I use the most. I think the thing I like best about Facebook is photos. Another thing I really like is the merging of my world’s (people from high school, people from undergrad, people from different places I have lived, relatives, etc.). At first it was disconcerting, to have them all of those pieces of me together in one place, but now I think it’s cool.
  • How have you used this Community? How do you see yourself using it in the future?
    I find myself using it more and more to send messages instead of email. It’s easier to type in someone’s name in Facebook than it is to find their email address. I feel like I am more in touch with many people, too, because I can leave them a brief comment or even just like something they have posted.
  • Can you see your library using this Online Community? How?
    I work for the Northeast Kansas Library System and we’re already successfully using Facebook. Many of our member librarians are on Facebook. From our NEKLS facebook page, we can post about NEKLS events and happenings (it automatically receives feeds from our blogs).
  • Add a link to your blog to your Online Community profile so others can find you.

Brenda Hough

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