Everything Zen

Thanks to Marianne Lenox and the MLxperience for pointing me to Kim Cofino’s blog and recent post, “Less is more — making your presentations zen-tastic!” and link to the Flickr group, Great quotes about learning and change.

Speaking of learning and change, I’ll be finishing my full-time gig with MaintainIT at the end of March and am going to be doing freelance consulting and teaching for a while. I’ll be staying in KC, but am trying to think big and broad as I imagine what this next stage of professional life will look like. Completing a book for Information Today and finishing my dissertation are at the top of the to-do list, but there’s room for more (there’s need for more to make this financially viable and to keep life interesting). As I approach these changes, I am thinking about a post from one of my favorite blogs, which really resonates with me. Hmmm… I’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Everything Zen”

  1. I am excited to see what wonderful things you will accomplish in your new role! I hope you will enjoy consulting work as much as I do. I LOVE the link to the zen blog post. I definitely agree with–and try to follow–those tips and while I wouldn’t say my work is effortless it is SO much less stressful and more enjoyable than before I made my life changes. And I better use my skills and talents to do what I’m passionate about–supporting libraries. Here’s to new adventures and ideas!

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