A lost bet, winning ideas

Andrew McAfee lost a bet and is therefore twittering 100 times today. So far, I would say it’s a win for all of us! I was introduced to his tweets by a post from Tim O’Reilly and was enjoying the links to poetry, but really liked McAfee’s lessons learned from teaching and thought I would quote him here:
1. Don’t be afraid of silence in the classroom.
2. Ask clear questions.
3. Trust your students.
4. Be the person who most wants to be in the room.
5. Start on time, end on time.
6. Check your fly.
7. Be more concerned with the destination than the journey.
8. We get smarter via respectful disputation.
9. It’s better to be well rested than well prepared.
10. Most students appreciate being held to high standards.

I like them all, but the one that most captured my attention is #4. The times when I have been at my best in a teaching situation have fit that description. #6 is funny and I would add check your nose, your teeth, your shirtfront. I’m still thinking about #7.

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