Library Tech Training in Limerick

I’d like to start regularly highlighting examples of technology training classes happening in libraries. I’ll aim for once every week or two and see how that goes.

This week I’d like to share an example from across the pond. The Watch House Cross Community Library in Limerick City offers a variety of classes, including classes to help people learn to use text messaging (three levels of text messaging classes are being offered!). I really like that one of the workshop descriptions explicitly states, “The workshops will be jargon-free zones and will operate at a pace to suit the participants”.

Watch for more examples here in the weeks ahead. If you provide technology training in a library, send me a link to session descriptions please!

3 thoughts on “Library Tech Training in Limerick”

  1. I have been offering “computer classes” to adults for 8 years, and the number of people that want to take them just keeps growing.

    Here is the link to some of the Jackson District Library Classes

  2. Thank you, Joyce! I just spent some time looking at your class schedule. Wow! What’s most popular? Or are they all?

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