(cross-posted from the MaintainIT blog)

Today I played BINGO at work!

I attended this year’s Arizona Library Association conference (AzLA 2008) for MaintainIT. Kendra Morgan and I delivered a session called, “Taking on Technology”, during which we shared information and answered questions about the MaintainIT Project and WebJunction’s TechAtlas. We’ve delivered a similar presentation in other states and it always feels good to tell people about the free resources that are available.

Earlier in the day, Stephanie Gerding and I tried something new. We took content from the collaborative tools chapter in the latest MaintainIT Cookbook and hosted a 2.0 Bingo game. We recruited people on the fly and ended up with about 17 players, standing in a circle in the exhibit hall, defining and discussing 2.0 terms. Stephanie had used a free online tool to generate the Bingo cards, using terms from the Cookbook chapter. Stephanie and I took turns calling out terms. Individuals in the group then defined the term or talked about how they had used the tool. Someone in the group was able to define each of the terms. The only one that was new to all of the participants was Slideshare. Players marked the terms off on a card as they were defined, until finally someone filled a row and shouted, “Bingo!” We continued until the 3 prizes were given away (thank you to Kendra Morgan for donating the great prizes!). Everyone seemed to have fun and I think people learned new things, too. It’s definitely a technology learning technique I’ll use again.

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