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Duct Tape: a light side and a dark side, and it binds the galaxy together

I delivered a presentation yesterday at the Calif Lib Assoc annual conference, “Not on Oprah’s List” — all about  the MaintainIT Technology Book Club discussions we have been hosting. It made me even more excited about a book club approach to technology learning, so I’m going to be seeking out examples of technology-related things that others are doing with book clubs, too.

Reading through blogs this morning, Betha’s post on CE Buzz led me to Ellie’s post on In the Library with the Leadpipe (love the blog name!), which discusses a book by Chip Heath called Made to Stick. It’s a book I have not read, but have heard others refer to. Ellie takes the material and points out what is relevant for library instruction. It’s a great post and in it she says, “I hope that I’ve inspired you to pick up a copy of Made to Stick, read through it yourself and look for ways to apply some of the ideas it explains.” Mission accomplished, Ellie – I’m requesting it now.

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