Twenty Technology Training Tips

One of my favorite blogs is Tame the Web (written by library training-guru Michael Stephens). I’m guessing that many of you already read that blog, but just in case you don’t, I want to point you to his post from Oct 11th.

Stephens and Rob Coers presented at Internet Librarian International and even though it’s not quite the same as being there (in London!!), they have made the handout from their session available, Twenty Technology Training Tips from Two Trainers, (64-page PDF!). It contains a lot of screen shots, so don’t let the length keep you from checking it out. It’s a quick read with some great resources and advice.

One item mentioned in the handout is Keller’s ARCS model of motivation, which can be a useful model to keep in mind when planning and delivering training.

ARCS stands for…
A = attention – grab the participant’s attention
R = relevance – help participants see the relevance of the topic to their work or life
C = confidence – create opportunities for the participants to build their confidence regarding the topic
S = satisfaction – participants should leave the training session feeling SATISFIED – they should feel like they have accomplished something

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  1. I use the World Wide Web too when I give reference lists for my studets’ research projects.

    But the question is, is it really safe for our kids to be dependent on internet research?

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